Business Strategy is Focus

Strategy is focus
Strategy is focus

There is a very real business use for a strategy summary as part of every business plan, even a lean plan. Since strategy is focus, it leads to some difficult decisions as time goes on. New opportunities arise. Some new opportunities are great additions, offering healthy evolution and growth. Others are dangerous distractions that dilute the business, blur the focus, and bring the business down. The owner, owners, or real core management team have to make these decisions, and they are hard. Normal entrepreneurs want to go into every new market to please everybody they can. So a good strategy summary helps to frame the new opportunities right.

There’s no obvious formula for making these decisions. They don’t teach it in business school. It’s something business owners have to do for themselves. There is always risk and opportunity. So you refer to your strategy summary first, and then think about it.

This should come up in the monthly review sessions I recommend for every lean business planning process for every business. That’s in Section 3, Keeping it Live.

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  1. Sandra Daniel

    WOW! aaaaah! That”s me hitting my high note. Suddenly I feel empowered, scared but empowered you broke this down so simple . I have been wanting to make this happen but something always more important comes up no different. ‘I’m sure than other women who happen to be mothers and grandmothers not to mention that oh so scary writing of the” BUSINESS PLAN’ not ONLY DID YOU MAKE IT “MAKE SENSE” YOU reinforced all the good things I want to offer brought it back to me the purpose my reasons for wanting to do this why I have to make this happen.. I guess seeing my plans in black and white not just in my head gives it…Life! Yes, this is my dream,. my dream . My hearts desire ….so thank you so much! God bless you, wish me good luck! here we go!


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