Sample Strategy Descriptions

LivePlan Users Click HereSince this is a first step towards a lean business plan, here’s a reminder: The lean business plan is for internal use only. Don’t sweat the text. Just do bullets. Here are some examples to help. These are the strategy sections in the lean business plans of a small business social media consultant and a local bicycle retailer. In each case, you can see how the three strategy fundamentals of identity, market, and business offering work together to define a business strategy.

Sample 1: For a small business social media consultant:

This one is actual content from the lean business plan for Have Presence:


  • Familiarity with social media
  • Social media for small business
  • Understanding of small business and entrepreneurship
  • Empathy for small business owners
  • Belief in value of small business social media


  • Target business owners and entrepreneurs
  • They  are pressed for time and busy
  • They are budget constrained
  • They want solutions. Get it done.
  • “Don’t tell me what to do. Do it for me.”

Business Offering

  • Do the posting, the actual work; not the strategy
  • Maintain thoughtful useful content
  • Aim the content at client’s potential market
  • Offer setup as well as posting

Sample 2: For a bicycle retailer


  • Garrett, the founder, is passionate about bicycling.
  • He also has business experience, and capital to invest.
  • A team is in place including shop manager, advisor, and investor.


  • University town, heavy bicycle use
  • Chronic parking problems
  • Local community is unusually favorable to bicycling, environmentally friendly, with outdoor activities
  • Local bicycle retailers generate complaints. Market seems ripe.
  • Frequent refreshing market of students coming in and out
  • Families and enthusiasts as well as students

Business Offering

  • Spread the offering to include families, commuters, and enthusiasts
  • Focused, streamlined high-end offering mainly for visibility
  • More breadth of economic options for students and families
  • Unbundle service — keep visible prices low, offering service as add-on
  • Keep potential of high-end service


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