Why this site?

Tim Berry, business plan expert

I’m on a mission. I want to change business planning. For everybody. Including you. And I’m frustrated, dammit. We’re in 2015 now, but too many people have the wrong idea of what a business plan is and what it’s for.

A business plan isn’t a long boring formal document, daunting to do, required for some business plan event. It’s something every business should use, a tool for managing the business better.

No. It’s not a document, it’s a plan. It’s what’s going to happen, when,

No, it’s short, simple, streamlined, just big enough to steer the business. Just big enough to meet the business need. It’s about results. It’s about managing a business. Accountability. Metrics. Priorities. It starts simple and grows organically.

I’m Tim Berry. And what do I know about business planning? See for yourself… 

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