Sample Execution in a Lean Plan

LivePlan Users Click HereThese are sample marketing tactics for, the social media service whose strategy was a model for the lean plan strategy section. Notice that the tactics are simple, reminders for management, things to track later with specific dates and deadlines and tracking results. This is from the tactics section of the lean plan.

Marketing and Sales Execution

  • Our location is in the background, the small office location in a residential neighborhood in Eugene, OR. We don’t hide the smallness — we show a picture of it on the contact page — but it stays in the background. We could be anywhere, not just Eugene.
  • The website is critical location for us, as if it were the store for a retailer. It’s our operation center. We need to do continual content, SEO, and updates.
  • We use outside experts for SEO and other online marketing. We don’t have time for it.
  • Pricing: Social media service pricing is all over the map. The current $995 target price is low. We could gradually move that up.
  • We should be using chamber of commerce membership for additional marketing/sales in the local area.
  • We need to explore email marketing.

Product Execution

  • Manage pricing of social media services.
  • Introduce online courses as soon as possible, with connection to WaPow, SchoolKeep, and Udemy
  • Complete and market the ebook.
  • Develop social media workshop for small business, to be marketed live.

Financial/Admin Execution

  • Use occasional founder inputs to maintain cash flow.
  • Invest in SEO, content, additional products, at a few hundred per month.
  • No loans, no investment required beyond occasional founder input.
  • Stick with the current office.

Execution in a Lean Plan is a Collection of Simple Lists

You see in these examples that listing tactics in a lean business plan is a long way from the “elaborate business plan” for outsiders. Don’t worry about text, editing, and descriptions. Just use bullet points to remind you and your team what the plan is.

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