Free Lean Business Planning with LivePlan Book

Free business plan ebook Lean Plan with LivePlan

Are you a user of LivePlan? You may want to download here the free business plan ebook here. It is a complete LivePlan-specific version of Lean Business Planning, as a free ebook which you can download here for free.

LivePlan is an ideal tool for lean business planning. And I can happily offer the book to you for free because LivePlan is 1.) published by my business, Palo Alto Software; and 2.) not free.

Download options:

  1. The PDF version has better page formatting than the Kindle or iBook versions. Click here to download that one. It’s a 9.6 MB file. Click here to download.
  2. This smaller-size PDF version is identical to the above but smaller. Some of the images will have less resolution, so not look as sharp. Click here to download the smaller PDF file.
  3. For Kindle users, the Kindle format is less agile, especially for the images … but I prefer Kindle too for all the convenience. Click here to download the Kindle version.
  4. For Apple iBook users. Click here to download the iBook version.

Small glitches:

As of May 31, 2018, some of the internal links within the eBook texts don’t work. It’s about 10% of the total, seemingly random. You can navigate perfectly using the eBook table of contents. And we are working on it.


And if you reached this page by accident, please click here to purchase the mainstream book, Lean Business Planning.

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