Why A Lean Business Plan?

“The plan is useless. But planning is essential.”

– Dwight D. Eisenhower

What do you want from your business? Whether it’s growth and profits, getting investors, or just peace of mind and independence, this book will help you get what you want. It will show you how to do it better with focus, priorities, setting expectations and tracking results. I promise.

The lean business plan is a tool to help you get what you want from your business

Don’t sweat the big business plan. Skip the descriptions and explanations. Just to a lean business plan. It will help you get where you are going without bogging you down. It’s a fast, easy, and efficient way to get what you want from your business?

Who doesn’t like planning a vacation? Decide where you’re going, look at the activities, attractions, restaurants, hotels, and the route. When I was a kid, we’d get together before our big backpacking trips and plan routes, food, what to pack. As an adult, I’d join my wife planning our family vacations. Planning is part of the fun.

And planning your own business? That too. Set your strategy, and the tactics to execute it. Figure out pricing, marketing, product. It’s dreaming and telling stories, and then adding what it takes to make them come true. It’s making things happen. It’s going from a vague, daunting, hard-to-manage uncertainty to specific educated guesses, linked together, so you can deal with them. Get things done.


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