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Business Plan Additional Information

business plan information

This section contains additional business plan information. That includes tips and traps, suggestions, food for thought, and more discussion. It sits near the back of the site because people are different: some want all the detail in order, and others want to go quickly through the main points.

There is a special look at Starting Costs. It’s here in the back of the lean planning site because it applies only to startups, not to businesses that already exists. It’s about how to estimate startup costs at the beginning. You’ll find illustrations, instructions, and examples.

Another section is about sharing Your Plan. Your lean business planning is something you use often to get what you want from the business. And sometimes you need to share more to outsiders, for some business purpose such as applying for commercial credit, seeking investors, and other reasons. This appendix covers how you add to your lean plan with summaries, pitch presentation, and so forth.

A third section is about getting angel investment. It’s here because I’m involved in an angel investment group and I read business plans from startups seeking angel investment. This is my view on how a business plan works for startup founders and angel investors. It includes discussions of what angels want in a business, what they want in a business plans, and how to present and optimize.

There’s also a section here on standard business plan financial projections. Use it go from the essential business numbers in the lean business plan to the full financial projections including pro-forma (projected) income (also called P&L), balance sheet, and cash flow.