Streamlined, Efficient, Planning for Management

Lean business planning is streamlined and optimized, starting with a lean business plan that’s efficient and practical. It’s not just a plan, it’s a process. Its benefits include managing, optimizing, and steering a business.

lean plan cycle

  • It’s not about a traditional business plan document. The lean business plan includes strategy, key tactics, milestones, tasks, responsibilities, performance metrics, tracking, and regular review and revision. It’s something that benefits every business.
  • It’s easy to do because it doesn’t bother with extras. Don’t do the executive summary. Don’t describe the market. Don’t describe the team. Just plan it. Know it, yes; but analyze it or prove it, no.
  • It’s not voided by change — it exists to manage change better.
  • It’s just big enough to run the business.

One thought on “Streamlined, Efficient, Planning for Management

  1. Joanne Webber


    Thank you for sharing your insightful business planning knowledge. I am interested in learning more about business planning and the Lean Planning. Is there a template to easily plug in information and how much? I am not a business owner but I am interested in learning about this and am doing some project work for a small business in the natural health sector.

    Thank you,


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