Streamlined Efficient Process for Better Management

Lean business planning is streamlined and optimized, starting with a lean business plan that’s efficient and practical. It’s not just a plan, it’s a process. Its benefits include managing, optimizing, and steering a business.

lean plan cycle
  • It’s not about a traditional business plan document. The lean business plan includes strategy, key tactics, milestones, tasks, responsibilities, performance metrics, tracking, and regular review and revision. It’s something that benefits every business.
  • It’s easy to do because it doesn’t bother with extras. Don’t do the executive summary. Don’t describe the market. Don’t describe the team. Just plan it. Know it, yes; but analyze it or prove it, no.
  • It’s not voided by change — it exists to manage change better.
  • It’s just big enough to run the business. No summaries or descriptive texts required. Just bullet point lists and tables.

Or just take the next step now …

It’s about getting what you want from your business. Forget the big formal business plan document of decades ago. Forget the fact that the plan will be wrong. Keep it simple. Do only what you need. Write it down and keep track of it so you can look back in a few weeks to check what you thought would happen and compare that to what actually happened. Your business plan is wrong, but it’s vital to good business management.

Use the planning process like a GPS for your business — the plan as destination and route, and monthly plan review for constant course corrections.

Do a lean business plan — keep it lean and simple — then track results and review and revise regularly.

So Get Going. Start Planning. Start Managing

Just do it!

ABCs of Lean Business Planning

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