Your Formal Business Plan Document

Throughout this website I suggest that lean business planning doesn’t require the formal business plan document or the elaborate business plan. But if you have a business plan event, then you do need that formal plan. And in that case, this section is for you. I’ve been there. I’ve spent decades developing formal business plans.

Do you really need that big formal business plan document? Maybe a lean plan is enough? But if you do need it, here’s how…

business plan document

Your lean business plan is an excellent start, a solid first draft, of your business plan document. The essential core content of any business plan is what’s supposed to happen, which is in the lean plan. Going from the lean plan to the formal document is a matter of adding summary and description for the target audience of the business plan event.

The chapter includes three parts:

  1. Chapters and Suggested Outline
  2. Business Plan Style Tips and Traps
  3. Change Your Outline as Needed

And of course your entire lean plan and additional topics Develop Summaries and Lead with Stories are also important. And there is even more information in More About Strategy, Know Your Market, Know Your Competition, Develop a Mission Statement, Your Marketing Plan, and Your Product Plan.

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