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Lean Manufacturing, Lean Startup, Lean Planning

Why lean? Because lean means strong with muscle but no fat. Lean means useful. No frills. You may have heard of the lean startup or lean manufacturing. It’s a set of ideas that started about 70 years ago, revolving around PDCA: plan-do-check-adjust. The idea first came up in relation to the auto manufacturer Toyota, as lean manufacturing. It… Read More »

Lean Business Planning in a Nutshell

Lean business planning isn’t a long boring formal document, daunting to do, required for some business plan event. It’s not a document, it’s a plan. It’s what’s going to happen, when, and who’s responsible. And how much money out, how much in. You start with a lean business plan, just big enough to steer the business, to… Read More »

What’s a Lean Business Plan?

Lean business planning starts with a lean business plan. The lean plan contains four essentials every business needs, and nothing else. It’s a streamlined core plan for running the business, not a document or detailed plan, full of descriptions, to be presented to investors or lenders. It’s to optimize management. Here’s what the lean business plan includes.… Read More »